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We here at Entertain the Geeky are committed to bringing you the highest quality of original content as possible. This is including everything from the foul mouthed fun on podcasts, to the tabletop awesomeness of EG Games and the future greatness that is Geeks GO.

This all started with a general disdain that was felt by Chris, as he wasn't satisfied with what he was doing for work. He began to do some research and decided that a podcast would be an appropriate channel through which to do so. After some consideration he decided to call Rodger, who was also feeling an emptiness, without having a geeky outlet in his life. The Entertain the Geeky podcast is born!

In the beginning Episodes were long, and were aimed to be a satire of the evening news, and as things evolved Nerd News became it's own show, while the Entertain the Geeky podcast continued to capture the banter and fun that you would hear in a comic shop. Something was still missing... Games! Games are one of the reasons that the dysfunctional duo got along as well as they did, but sometimes playing is not enough. Rodger asked Chris how he would feel about producing inexpensive games that were basically sold in an envelope. Matt and Jeff are then brought into the mix and EG Games starts to take shape. Jeff had a one page roll playing concept that he thought would be perfect for what Chris and Rodger thought EG  Games would ultimately be, and he was right. Merle's Truck Stop in Maine is the first published game by Entertain the Geeky's EG Games branch. The four went to work. After deciding that poor quality games were not something they wanted to pursue, but keeping things affordable was important, they decided on print and play to keep things cheap and printed versions, for those quality control freaks.

Fast-forward about a year. The two podcast titles are growing, but something just isn't right. Both Rodger and Chris feel they aren't able to bring the highest quality Nerd News, but weren't sure what to do. Do they cut the Nerd News show all together, even though their fans need to be kept up to date. There had to be another way... The two realized that there was only one person who could do Nerd News justice. Jason! He was brought on to the show and there was an immediate response from the listeners, and they sang in unison the praise of Jason, the new host of Nerd News.

So, here we are. Always growing, always learning and always excited to do more with and for the geek community.

Stay Geeky!