Jedi: Fallen Order

Jason O’Toole

Credit: EA / Respawn Entertainment

Today at Celebration we got our first good look at EA and Respawn’s new Star Wars game Jedi: Fallen Order. EA definitely has a chance to redeem themselves from the backlash over Battlefront 2 with this game. The game looks fantastic and for me it hearkens back to The Force Unleashed. It looks to be a return to the action adventure genre that Star Wars did so well with those games. As a former Padawan, you must learn to live in the post Order 66 galaxy and form a new life. It looks like the Empire and the Inquisitors aren’t going to make that easy for you. Check out the trailer below and leave us a comment with your thoughts. Keep up with the Celebration schedule here and stay tuned to ETG for all the latest updates.