Bits of Everything: YouTube 101

Alright... Welcome back everyone. I hope you took the moment to check out the Global Frequency Pilot from the last article. Since I'm a little crunched for time this time around I thought I would share some little bits of everything that I interact with on basically a daily basis. Not my EDC, no one wants to hear about a backpack full of pens and a beaten down Chromebook... though it is a very nice backpack. No, I'm talking about my YouTube subscriptions.

I'm going to try to leave some stuff out (Not everyone would like to watch as much of of the daily news as I do) and save some of the deeper discussions for other future articles.

I basically watch YouTube almost exclusively on my phone. I will occasionally wander on to the site when I am using my computer but mostly my phone is how I interact with YouTube (Just in case anyone was wondering I have been an Android user since my first smartphone and currently use the Essential PH-1). When I turn to YouTube it's mostly to engage with something that I will find entertaining or informative. So I've broken things down by category below and I'll include a playlist of some fun videos from each category at the bottom so you guys can check some new stuff out.

Entertainment: When I look to be entertained by YouTube I'm often looking to be able to look into the lives of others or see videos of people doing the things that they are great at. Other times I want to hear about things that are new in the world of gaming or pop culture. But also, especially, music. Some channels that are in regular rotation for me are: WhatCulture, Pretty Good Gaming, Peter McKinnon, Jack Coyne, Dan Mace, Casey NeistatNPR Music

News: When I am looking to see news from outside of the network news outlets I often look for something that is either going to look to be informative first and opinionated second or, at times, something that has a little more of a long form feel. That's why I love Philip DeFranco. His videos every weekday keep me up on important developing news items and provide opinions that are not always my own. It's nice to challenge your views from time to time. Other times I look to Vice New, which is helpful on a variety of fronts but often gives me that kind of longer form looks at a topic that I like. I enjoy getting to spend a half hour or so looking into one thing rather than just pinballing from one topic to the next.

Tech: I love Tech review channels. There are a lot of them out there and they look to cover different topics often but PCs and Telephones are pretty much my go to tech topics. Given that I would highly recommend these channels to make sure that you are well informed about the next phone you're going to buy or the next time you're going to need to build a computer: UrAvgConsumer, Unbox Therapy, MKBHD, Linus Tech Tips

Food: Much of what I watch on YouTube is actually food related. I'm foodie and a fat guy... what did you expect. The following channels offer great looks at great foods and while I might not ever make it to some of these restaurants it's nice to know that they're out there and that I might be able to visit them someday. Check out these to get your salivary glands going: First We Feast, Burger Gang TV, Binging with Babish, Sous Vide Everything, Strictly Dumpling, Thrillist

Games: When I'm looking to think about the games that I play the most often (5th Edition D&D and Magic The Gathering) these are the channels that I tend to check out first. Matthew Colville, Rhystic Studies (Especially great for looking at a game from a perspective you never thought you'd see things through), Tolarian Community College

Inspiration: And finally these channels sort of defy categorization. The first, GaryVee, could very easily fall into the first category but what I look to this channel for the most often is to see how I might start doing my job (as the manager of a comic & game store) better. And the second, Lessons from the Screenplay,  helps me learn how to do something that I'd like to one day call my profession, writing, better. 

So, what do you watch on YouTube? Let me know. I'm always up for trying something new. This article is a little shorter than my normal missives from the realms of everything but I kind of think that in this particular situation that videos might speak louder than words. Check out some great selections from the channels listed above in the playlist embedded below! And until next time... Keep being.