A quick D&D adventure

By Rodger Moss 

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Running a game is hard coming up with new adventures every week it takes a toll. Well fret not noble keeper of the dice here is an adventure you can put in any campaign for D&D.


 Below you will find an adventure outline for you to plug in or take out as you wish. This is just an outline for you to get started feel free to make whatever changes you see fit.  



Goblins, Goblins, GOBLINS!! 

  This adventure starts with your group entering a very small mining town. The only buildings that are seen is a Hardware store and a Watering hole called the last Drop. The hard ware store is run by Joesph an old human with a “Hippie” outlook on life. This is all Joseph owns and since the town struck rich on a gold vain business is booming. Joe will have any information about the town your players would like to ask. The town was founded 15 years ago after a miner Tim struck the vain. Word quickly spread and people have been coming ever since to get rich. Tim is the wealthiest in the town of Blackstone, the only family he has is a 16 year old daughter Samatha. He keeps his money close renting out lots for mining and refusing to sell his land. The Watering hole was his contribution to Blackstone a way to make more money off the miners.


The Watering hole is always busy with games of chance and arm wrestling contests day and night. There is little info to get at the bar as most want to relax after a hard day and take their chances at the tables. One the players enter the bar let them have some fun before Goblins attack the town destroying everything. This fight is not for the heroes to win but to get them out side to see Samantha being taken by the Goblin Warchief. 

  After the group has killed the few goblims left Tim will approach the group and offer 300 gold a player for the safe return of his daughter.


The Goblins have retired to the out lining forest. For two days the group will follow the tracks on the second day the tracks spilt. One set is the goblin horde the other the chief. If they players follow the Goblin horde they walk for another half a day until coming across the Goblins camp. 

 If they follow the War chief after half a day they come across the remains of a Giant spider. Eventually they will come to a mountain with a carved door in the side.  

Leading down this tunnel for 400 yards Then a fork in the road. If the players go left they travel for another 500 yards before entering a giant spider lair.  

goblin 2.jpg

Going right leads them to another fork. Left will take the group straight into a conference chamber on the ground floor. Right puts them in the same chamber only higher up and hidden from what’s going on below.  

regardless of how the players make it to the chamber they will see a huge fire lit in the middle of the perfect round chamber. Sitting around the fire are three Goblin Elders and the War chief. Samatha is hog tied on the ground me to the Cheif and the fire.  

The Chief gets up and stands over Samatha and speaks in Draconic 

 “It is time for us to take back our land. We must send a strong message to the invaders!” 

 “And what message is that? You risk plunging us into a war.” One elder speaks

  it’s at this moment the Chief unsheathes his sword and excutes Samatha. Throwing her body in the fire. 

    “We have been at war! But now we no longer will be pushed back! Now we stand tribes united and we will take back our land!” 

  At this point the players can attack. After the battle the players return to Blackstone Tim is heart broken but still pays the group 250 gold. He looks at his town and says

” it’s all I have left.” 

Goblins - use standard goblins from the Monsters Manual 

Chief- Ac 14 Hp 50 +3 to attack +5 if he uses his +2 sword. Dex+3 Str +3 Con +1 Will +0 

 Short sword +2 (1d6+5) 

Elders Standard goblins with 2 level 1 spells of your choice.  

Giant Spiders use standard stats from Monsters Manual. 

The group can either stay and help rebuild the town our move on to the next adventure. This could start a campaign if you want to  pursue the Goblin war.