Do we need to see them all again Disney?

By Chris Parsons

Images by Disney

In a tale as old as time, or so it seems, We are being asked to re-watch live action versions of animated Disney classics. There is a continual reproduction of movies past, and we are eating it up. I was one of many who found themselves in a dark theater staring at a screen that had dancing dishes, furniture, and whatever else you find in the mansion of a prince that has a mysterious curse placed on it. But I wasn't amazed or wowed in any way, because I have been watching the animated version of this movie for as long as I can remember. Needless to say my astonishment ceased long before I found myself sitting in the theater at this particular moment.

Disney Schedule.jpg

I suppose what brought these feelings to the surface what the recently revealed timeline for upcoming Disney films. I looked over the diagram, noticing titles that I have been seeing for my entire life sprinkled between superhero movies and sequels. I try not to hate on someone's hustle, I mean come on, ETG exists, in part, because of the imagination of others, but the absence of originality has left me somewhat bitter. The films that are being remade were originally animated, drawn by hand and beautiful for it. I feel that turning them into the CG/live action-ish mess that they are being made in to, is a disservice not only to the fans, but to future audiences.

 Let's take it back to the dark theater. I peer over to my left to see Tara's green eyes reflecting the light of the screen, and over to my right, my two sons sit with their eyes glazed over, kicking their feet that are far from the floor. I couldn't help but feel their boredom. We had seen this movie before, but with vibrant color and singing and dancing that were more spectacular. The movie finally ends, and on our way home, in the car, we discuss the film which we had just viewed. All of us felt the same sense of being unfulfilled, and dissatisfied. They did it right in 1991. What is it about this that just didn't sit right?


The answer is right there... They did it right in 1991. The classic has already been made. If the mouse needed to make a cash grab, he should have remastered and re-released the original in theaters. They could have even followed it up by putting our a DVD, Blue-Ray and Digital Download combo pack. People would have flocked to theaters and indulged in a classic, this would also open present an opportunity for a new generation to fall in love with something that so many of us hold close to our hearts.

I can't be upset with Disney here. They are just doing what a company does, and that is attempting to make some money. We are the problem. We, the ones who paid to see a watered down version of a masterpiece. We, the ones who insured future watered down versions of masterpieces. Why? I do believe it is exciting to see a sequel to a movie that I love, or to see something that I love on the big screen for the first time. This isn't the same. Let us know what you think in the comments section or on any of our social media platforms. As always, stay geeky!