Into the Badlands Review

By: Chris Parsons

While up late scrolling through what appeared to be an endless number of titles in Netflix, I stumbled across a gem. That is if you like tacky martial arts flicks and post apocalyptic mayhem. Into the Badlands... The title didn't speak to me in any way, but the gentleman who I would later learn is named Sunny, was adorned in scarlet red and brandished a sword on the title image. What the hell! I watch the trailer that the beautiful folks at Netflix play when you hover over a particular title for too long.

One man dashing through crowds, maneuvering in impossible ways and cutting down his enemies. I click play. After giving some back story (just enough to make you want more) I was confronted with the massacre of an entire group of people, all of whom were chained together. The main character makes note of chains that lack a slaughtered prisoner and tracks that will lead him to those who have murdered the chained group of people.

Upon confronting the gang of dirty wanderers, who he suspects to be the group for killing those who were previously mentioned, a beautiful bloodbath ensues in all of its glory. The main character, making quick work of the murderers, makes his way to a trunk where he discovers a boy.

Now, I don't want to spoil anything for anyone, so that will have to come in a later article. I will however touch on the acting and action which I found to be both tacky and brilliant. There is a legitimate plot revolving around rich, basically plantation owners, and the people who live under their rule. I was engulfed by an ever thickening plot, and all of the tacky kung fu I could ever hope for. Then there were a few actors who delivered brilliant performances, and characters that you will love to hate. There are two seasons out and available for streaming and a third which premiers on AMC on April 22 at 9:00pm central. If you like cheesy karate movies and post apocalyptic action, do yourself the service of giving it a try. As always, stay geeky!