Star Wars Legion Thoughts

By Rodger Moss

Fast paced squad combat from a galaxy far far away! Fantasy Flight gives as Star Wars Legion the first Star Wars miniature game since WOTC and boy is it deep. Ditching the space combat that X-wing and Armada have given us Fantasy Flight turns to the other side ground combat. This is no pre- painted Wings of war re-skin in the vain of Tanks but a full one mini game in the likes of Warhammer.  The battle between the Rebels and Empire has never been so fierce. 


    The miniatures are a plastic mold the do require some assembly, with a little experience and work it should take about an hour or two to have the starter set assembled and ready to paint. These are beautiful molds as one would expect from a Fantasy Flight game. Painting is always the fun part of building miniatures and this is no exception. Storm troopers held the most fun for me as I could do some small scuffs on the armor and really let my imagination go. You could always go for the clean look that they show in the movies but I felt that if dirt and blaster bolts are flying the white might get a little dirty. The Rebels are no holds bar when it comes to painting remember this is a rag tag underground that doesn't have the money for uniforms. Luke looks amazing in his Cloud City outfit and I cant wait for a Jedi mini. 


    One of the biggest problems with this game is the rule booklet. Fantasy Flight always does a great job designing a game but not so much when it comes to the lay out of the rules. The best way to learn this game is to play two or three practice games with a friend or alone. After you do get used to the rules this game flows like a river. Movement, Cover, and Line of site are extremely easy to work with something Warhammer can take note of. As with most Fantasy Flight games this system uses special dice and markers that come with the starter set. Another issue with the game is it takes two stater sets to really field an army and have enough markers and dice to make the game run smooth. But with the price being under $100.00 it's am easier investment to get your hands dirty while learning the game than others on the market. 


    Overall Star Wars Legion is a good game and with a little work could be a great one. If you have a chance to catch a demo at your local game store check it out. Another option is go in with a buddy take one side and have them take the other for adventures that we used to have as children.

    Stay Geeky!