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Jason O’Toole

Credit: Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly will be releasing an issue covering the upcoming Infinity War. Ahead of that release has come a whole slew of production photos and a look at the 15 covers, yes you read that right, for the upcoming issue. Rabid collectors, like myself, will naturally have to pick up every one to complete the picture, yes that’s right they connect to form one single image. Let’s break down these images to see what we can see.


This first image appeared in the footage showed off at San Diego Comic Con last year. The location has been confirmed as Titan, Thanos’ homeworld, one of the moons of Saturn. Thanos is using the power of the Infinity Gauntlet to rip another moon out of the sky to hurl at our heroes. The article has promised that we will finally get some backstory on the Mad Titan.


One thing we have seen is that the heroes will be split into different teams for the majority of the film. This next image highlights the team of Iron Man, Dr. Strange, Bruce Banner and Wong. It appears the Russo brothers have done this because of the sheer amount of characters in the film. I would imagine Spider-Man will probably be part of this group as well since these scenes seemingly take place in New York.


Rhodey is back and seems to be walking around just fine, thanks to his bionic legs. He has apparently buried the hatchet with Captain America and his team of outlaws since the events of Civil War. Aliens invading Earth was always going to be the catalyst that brought our heroes back together. This grouping appears to be one of the teams that we will follow as well.


Shuri is back! Let’s just let that sink in for a minute… Assuming the climax of the film takes place in Wakanda, we will likely see all our favorite characters return to the screen sooner rather than later. She appears to be conversing with Bruce Banner and Wanda Maximoff. It’s going to be amazing seeing all of these characters, old and new, reunite to defend the Earth.


This next image seems odd to me. We have seen in the teaser that Spider-Man notices the alien ring in the sky while he is on the school bus. Does he immediately spring into action revealing his secret to his classmates? Unlikely, but this image definitely raises more questions than it answers. April 27th can’t get here fast enough.


We know from the ending of Thor Ragnarok that Loki once again gets his hands on the Tesseract. In the teaser we saw him passing it to an unknown off screen. Presumably this is Thanos, who is probably none too happy with Loki having lost the Mind Stone. This shot appears to be during that same scene we saw in the trailer. What role could Loki have in all of this. Will he stand by his brother and the Avengers or take Thanos side and try to destroy them once again?


We come now to what is very likely another team that will split off from the rest and head out into space. Thor, Rocket and Groot will most likely be off searching the cosmos for Thor’s new hammer, Stormbreaker. In the comics, that hammer belonged to Beta Ray Bill, an alien horse man whom we saw carved into the Grandmaster’s tower in Thor Ragnarok. Will he finally get his MCU debut? Only time will tell.


Finally, we come to a shot we have seen in trailers. Our heroes gathering in the river lands of Wakanda, ready to face down the horde of Outriders. If this is indeed the climax of the film, I can think of no better place for it than Wakanda. In the background we also see M’Baku, who is one of many great Wakandans the will return for Infinity War. Captain America and Bucky are present as well.

Check out the gallery below for all the awesome connecting covers of the upcoming issue of Entertainment Weekly. Leave a comment with your thoughts on these latest developments and we’ll see you on April 27th.

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