By Rodger Moss


    After 12 seasons, a musical, meeting God and his sister, and stopping the Apocalypse I thought Supernatural had no place left to go. Well last Thursday I was proven wrong Scooby-Natural aired and it was amazing. This is not the first time the adventures of the Winchesters have been animated, a short anime series of 22 episodes was produced in 2010. This by far might be the greatest episode ever. 


    Scooby-Natural starts with Sam and Dean fighting a plush green Dino in a pawn shop. After the fight Dean gets a TV and well they get sucked into a episode of Scooby-Doo. We quickly learn that this was Deans favorite cartoon growing up and he was loving every second of this “case”. This was the episode of Scooby-Doo where Scooby would have recived a million dollars if he could stay in a haunted house over night.  In true Supernatural formula people die and the safety of the Scooby Gang is in jeopardy. Seeing Dean pine over Daphne and hate Fred, or Sam trying to tell Velma the truth was pure joy. Cas, Scooby, and Shaggy was the best trio I have seen in a long while. The only thing missing was Bobby Singer being the old real estate bad guy.  


    Without giving away spoilers it was great to see this show take a risk and have it work. The main plot of the case was very touching and seeing the actors handle it was breathtaking. Classic Scooby-Doo gags and a Supernatural touch mix extremely well together. After all is said and done the writers took great care to make this episode both an homage to the past while looking to what lies ahead. Supernatural may have had its hay day a few years back but if the show keeps making episodes like this it's possible that we may never see the end. I'm okay with that this season while not the strongest has given my fandom for the show a new heart beat, and I cant wait to see whats next. 

Stay Geeky.