Starfinder Review

By Rodger Moss


Not being a big fan of Pathfinder or D&D 3rd edition I was unsure of Starfinder and what fun it could really be. We have tried D&D in space and it was not a good fit, Fantasy and spaceships don't mix well in the rpg world. I was asked to join a new Starfinder game with a group I have never played with two things that I thought wouldn't mix well together. Boy I was wrong not only is this game not just Pathfinder in space but Paizo has found a way to make the D20 system new but the old at the same time. This might be in the new top ten for me.


    Sitting down to make my character I found the standard way of rolling attributes from the old game still held true. I thought great ten minuets and I'll be done, two hours later I was still trying to buy gear. Yes it still works like Pathfinder pick a race, class, spend skill point, and buy gear. What this game has done is make you stress and ponder every option open to you from level one. As I pore over the few pages that made my Envoy a person I felt something that I have not in a long time. I cared about this character not because it was taking a long time but because I felt a connection before the first session was played. When picking gear Starfinder makes you pay a lot for very little one pistol and knife was all I could afford as far as weapons went. Using what was left I got a few of the staples for any adventure game. After carefully weighing every option I was ready to move to the game. 

    Combat the staple of any high adventure rpg it happens but you really don't want it to. Starfinder is lethal, it works the same as Pathfinder but running in to a fight will get you killed. Starfinder takes a page from D20 Modern in this area run for cover and pick your shots. Magic works the same but it is a little more powerful and subtle at the same time it hard to explain but it works to create an amazing mix of sci-fi and high fantasy. 


    As far as the setting goes Pazio took great care to give us players a new and exciting world to play in. The black out has erased history and new gods have risen to power. Eleven worlds each with  a unique feel and rich customs make up the pact systems. 

    Shoot for the stars and blast off an amazing new game that will be around for while Starfinder makes Wizards with Spaceships work. If your a fan of Pathfinder or just looking for a new game check this one out for a great new twist on an aging system.

    Stay Geeky!