Super Human: Awakening

By Chris Parsons

So here we are weeks into our routine, and with resolution that is unyielding we own the fact that we are the writers of our own stories. The world is beginning to bend to our will. We aren't just going to one place to expand our horizons we are in search of greatness in damn near everything that we do. There is something to be said for this.


At this point it should be getting more and more obvious that there is something or things that are in desperate of change. It could be something that until recently, we were blind to or unwilling to see. Chance it. At first it will be hard and you may not be very good at making the change. That's alright. You have time to work at it; just do a little better each day and in time your improvement will be so vast that when you look back you'll hardly be able to recognize the person that you have become. 

It's almost like magic but there is no POOF! There is only time and effort. No shortcuts. No life-hacks. Simply the accomplishment that comes with toil. It's fucking beautiful! It' fucking simple, but not easy. This is what we must accept moving forward.


Image by DC Comics


As time passes and we stack accomplishments like a bricklayer who carefully constructs a wall that will eventually become a house, one brick at a time, we need to step back and observe progress. It may surprise you how much you have done. At this point in time don't start comparing yourself to other people. Look at who you were the day or days prior now. If you have moved forward from that, then you have accomplished something. Be excited about what you have achieved as you propel forward.

Image by Alex Ross

Seeing your handy work should start to boost your confidence. The more you accomplish, the better you feel and the more this raises your self worth. In turn, more things will go your way. Think about a silver-back ape. They move through their troop like they own the world, because they have beaten the best. As you make get better with the passing of each day, remember that you have already overcome the the best you from former days. Own it and move through the world as such.


Image by Warner Brothers

There is a difference between confidence and arrogance and it's ultimately the mindset of the individual that separates the two. A confident person does not need the adoration of others. A confident person does not fear the gifts or abilities of others, and can set their ego aside for the greater good. A confident person can admit when they are wrong. Move through the world with confidence.

Stay Geeky!