Infinity War Teaser Breakdown

Jason O’Toole

Credit: Marvel Studios

Super Bowl LII gave us a new look at Avengers Infinity War in a short 30 second teaser. After combing through the new footage, a few moments stood out. While this teaser didn’t offer us much in the way of new footage, their were definitely a few moments that could lead to some interesting speculation about what awaits us when the movie hits theaters this May. If some of these things turn out to be true a SPOILER ALERT might be necessary. You have been warned.

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Early on in the trailer we see Tony removing his sunglasses. If you pay close attention the armor appears to be building itself around him. This may be in reference to the Iron Man story Extremis, in which Tony integrates his armor into his body. The armor, now in liquid metal form, is stored within the hollows of his bones. With a mental command, Tony summons it, and it emerges from his pores and becomes the armor. It is easy to see how this could translate to the Marvel cinematic universe. The natural evolution of Tony’s technology could allow nano-machines that are integrated with Tony on a biological level to be stored within him. Similar technology already appeared in Captain America Civil War, where we saw Tony construct a gauntlet from a small bracelet in a fight with Bucky. If true, this would be amazing to see on screen, and a logical technological upgrade for Tony.

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While not technically new footage, we got an expanded look at the moment between Wanda (Scarlet Witch) and a very human looking Vision. The picture appears to show us Wanda using her power, which is displayed in red, to interact with the Soul Stone contained within Vision’s head. This moment appears to also have some form of romantic implication for the two characters. If you are familiar with the comic world, this comes as exciting news. Scarlet Witch and Vision began a relationship way back in Avengers #109. Eventually, in Giant Size Avengers #4, the two would marry and later through magical means have two children, twins Thomas and William. It seems likely that the cinematic universe is laying the seeds for this romance. Vision is in possession of an Infinity Stone, so it seems unlikely that he will survive the events of the next two films, but the Russo brothers might surprise us.

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Finally, we come to a possible spoiler that many people have been claiming to notice in the footage. Many sites are claiming that behind Captain America in this photo is none other than Captain Marvel. I wish that I were here to tell you I agree with this assessment, but sadly I do not. Freezing and enhancing the image shows that there is definitely someone else in this scene. However, the figure in the background appears to be wearing some kind of duster or long coat. Taking this into consideration, it is far more likely to be either Star Lord or Gamora, who have been known to wear long coats. It does seem like Marvel and the Russo brothers are trying to keep the full scope of the Guardians involvement a secret. They obviously start the film in space where they meet up with Thor, but how soon will they make it to earth? Will the Guardians merely show up for the final battle, or will their role in the film be larger? The thought of Captain Marvel appearing in Infinity War is great, but if we see Brie Larson in the film, it will most likely be in an after credit scene to set up her film.

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