Superhuman: Broad horizons

By Chris Parsons


As we have been going through this series progression has been the constant. The things that we do should contribute to a goal. As we move forward we need to be of a mindset that change is the only constant and that we have to be able to adapt or become extinct. Do not become overly attached to a particular method or a single plan. Be open to the possibility of change as long as it doesn't compromise your integrity. This is where we need to understand where our ego ends and begins.


Ego will tell you that you are good enough, it will make excuses for you and will be the downfall of any man who lives by it. The fact of the matter is you have to be willing to sacrifice who you are today for who you can be. Everyday be willing to accept the death of who you have been so that you may become who you were meant to be. I can assure you, none of us are good enough as we are and if you continue to get better each day, you will not be the same person after just a little time passes. Take time to recognize your ego so that you may dismiss it as it becomes dangerous.

I will be ending this series by encouraging you to try new things and pursue those which you love with intensity and passion. Be someone worthy of notoriety and respect as you continue to sculpt the new you. If you ever want more detail on a particular section of this series, post a comment and perhaps we can visit it in another article. If you have stuck with me through this series, I want to thank you for reading and encourage you to stay geeky!