What are the must read comics?

Being the geeks that we are we have poured hours into comics and characters and watched the ever evolving expanse of different universes end and be reborn. If you are new to reading comics, trying to figure out where to start can be as daunting as coming face to face with the Mad Titan himself. This should help not only the noobs but the seasoned readers who are set in their ways to break from tradition and pick up a rival publisher's book. So whether you're into the big guys like Marvel and DC or something more independent like Dark Horse, Image or Boom there is plenty here for you to consume. These are not being listed in any particular order.


We will be starting in a place called Lovecraft... Not that Lovecraft, but it is a tipping of the hat. In this series we follow a family who's lives have been touched by tragedy. IN an attempt to escape their misfortune and start life a new, they move to an old family house, where adventure and danger lurk behind every door. Locke and Key, written by Joe Hill and published by IDW, will take you to another world. On a side note there have been rumors surrounding a Locke and Key TV series, the most recent of which was said to have been picked up by Hulu. After reading it, its hard to not be excited by the prospect of an ongoing TV series, especially since Danny Glover is said to have a lead role. Getting the first trade paperback is worth every penny.



Image by IDW Comics


The folks at Image Comics take us on a journey, well more like a every parent's worst nightmare in Birthright, by Joshua Williamson. In this series a strange barbarian claims to be a boy that has been missing for about a year. In this series fantasy meets reality and the fallout will keep you reading on. With the first trade only costing around $10 this is something that everyone should have in their reading arsenal. 






                                                                                     Image by Image comics


In a crime filled Gotham a tired 55 year-old Bruce Wayne, haunted by the death of Jason Todd (Robin) is once again called by the cape and cowl to fight for the innocent, and in doing so learns of a plot that is sure to bring the entire city to it's knees. This classic was written by the great Frank Miller in the          Image by DC Comics                                           80's and has withstood the test of time. Rumor has it that Ben Affleck attempted to call on this version of Batman when he took on the role. If you are a fan of the caped crusader or if you're just looking for a great story this is sure to tickle your fancy.


Another Batman tale that is sure to grab you is Hush. This storyline originally ran from issue 608-619 and has the Caped Crusader overcoming a traumatic brain injury sustained while pursuing Catwoman who stole the ransom that would rescue a child from the clutches of Killer Crock. I’m sure the suspense is killing you. Get a copy of this classic at your local comic shop.


In a world where super heroes were superheroes surfaced in the 40’s through the 60’s everything was changed. The US won the Vietnam war and the Watergate Break-ins were never exposed. A third world war is edging closer and closer as tensions between the US and the Soviet Union reach a breaking point. Freelance vigilantes have been outlawed so former heroes were forced to retire or work with the government. Watchmen is a comic classic that everyone should read.


In brightest day, In blackest night… As the war between the Green Lantern and Sinestro Corps reaches its climax, the four Green Lanterns of Earth—Hal JordanGuy GardnerJohn Stewart, and Kyle Rayner are told by the Guardians of the Blackest Night prophecy. According to the prophecy, the two existing Corps would be joined by five new ones, leading to a "War of Light" that would bring about the destruction of the universe. Guys, come on… Get your hands on a copy of this and read it!

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Few stories can tell a tale of division quite like an X-Men story. X-Men Second coming is the final chapter in a three part that is sure to captivate you. In this story Cable and Hope are put in a sticky situation when The Alpha team and Wolverine come to their aid. As anyone would hope there are portals and loopholes throughout the story that will leave wanting more.


If you are looking for a Spider-Man tale that is sure to turn your world upside down, direct your attention to Superior Spider-Man! Peter Parker is a memory in his own body after Doctor Octopus has managed to take over Peter’s body and assume the role of Spider-Man. This turns the Spidey world upside down and should be read by any and everyone.


To wrap up our list, we will step into the world of The Sandman. In this story, Dream the master of dreams has been imprisoned for a good while, and has spent some time thinking about how to right his wrongs. When he sets out to do so, the consequences are massive. The original series ran from 89-96 and is comprised of 75 issues of pure gold. Do yourself the favor of getting a copy to feast your brain on.

Now we understand that there are 100’s if not 1000’s of series and stories that have been told that are worthy of recognition. There is no way we could list it all here. So we must now ask our listeners and readers to continue the conversation and let us know what your favorites are in the comments section. Thank you for reading and Stay Geeky!