Superhuman: Vessel (Upgrading)

By Chris Parsons

What many would consider the most important attribute of a superhuman is physical prowess. The best way to get stronger and upgrade the frail vessel that we were granted by nature is to train. The human body is an astounding machine that is capable of things that shouldn't be possible. Take a moment and think about the fact that it can repair itself. Yeah... What is even more insane is that in order to make it stronger we must cause damage to it and put it under stress.



One thing that an individual may do to put their body under stress is start the day with a cold shower. This is actually supposed to have health benefits ranging everywhere from improving circulation to increasing testosterone levels. This simple act also increases alertness. Indulge in a frigid shower in the morning, it may be the motivation you need.



When it comes to training, we need to make an attempt too get stronger, (putting the body under more stress to force an adaptation) and more effective. I recommend circuit workouts and if you have access to a kettle bell that's a point in your favor. I won't go into a whole lot of detail on what workout to do or anything like that, but I will give a one recommendation. Failure. You want to end your workouts by doing each exercise to the point of failure. This will make you strong very quickly and will ensure that you get the most from every training session. After you finish your workout, stretch. Fatigued muscles tend to stretch the best.

I would encourage you to experiment with different workouts and to change it up with relative regularity. If you would like a few different workout ideas, feel free to reach out to me on the contact us page and put superhuman in the subject line. As always, stay geeky!