Ten Table Top RPG's you need to play before you die.

         By Rodger Moss

    We all have a small amount of time on this earth. Here is a list not of the best Role Playing games published but games you need to play before you fail that last saving throw. 

created by: Shane Lacy Hensley
Publisher: Pinnacle Entertainment Group
    Deadlands is a Spaghetti Western, Horror survival, and Steam punk game rolled all into one. This eight time Origins award winning game has been scaring the boots off of cowpokes since 1996. The game features a unique Character Generation system which requires cards and a point buy system. The main stay setting starts in the year 1876 but has moved to 1879 in recent years. The Civil war is still being fought and a new mineral called ghost rock has advanced science beyond it years. But nothing is ever as it seems and something wicked this way comes. Can you stand up and take the fight to the darkness and save this Weird West? Players can play a wide range of characters with amazing powers and a steady hand. With over twenty supplemental books that advance the meta plot along with new areas to explore the game can take a Green horn to a grizzled veteran. This is a game not to be missed.

deadlands main.jpg

     Legends Of the Five Rings
    Designers: Rob Vaux (Brand Lead)
                       Bryan Reese (Lead Designer)
                       Adrian Burton (Art Director)
                       Shawn Carman (Lead Writer)
     Publisher: Alderac Entertainment Group
         Legends of the five rings (L5R) is a Samurai game set in the fictional world of Rokugan. Based on the L5R ccg this game storylines come from tournaments played out over the years in the CCG community. The system uses ten sided dice and a clever Roll and Keep mechanic. But the game shines in the cultural aspects forcing players to role play under the rules of Bushido. Combat is also extremely lethal one hit can and does kill. It is better to strike first and hard than wait. For those looking for a deep beautiful world and expanding role play skills this game comes second to none. 

    Designers: Fasa Corp
    Publisher:  Fasa Corp


    Big Robots? Check. Easy to Learn system? Check. Amazing story with different eras to play? Oh yeah. Battletech or Mechwarrior is a genre defining game where players take control of Mechs. Most games revolve around a group of mercenaries just trying to make ends meet taking what ever jobs come there way. Managing funds, repairs on Mechs, and just trying to feed yourself this is not a happy future but maybe you can rise to stardom. Hundreds of years and thousands of Mechs make sure you won't get tired of this game anytime soon. 


    Brave New World
    Designers: Matt Forbeck
    Publisher : Pinnacle/ Alderac entertainment Group
    Taking inspiration from classics works like Kingdom Come, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, X-Men, and Watchmen this is not your fathers super hero game. Set in an alternate reality where the government has declared that all super heroes work for the government. Some have decided to run go underground and fight a resistance. Coming out seven years before Marvel's Civil War story line. This game puts you in the place of what if Tony Stark won. Choosing sides when the game starts you can either fight with the resistance or hunt down fugitives. Six sided dice are used with a modification on the Deadlands System  this game handles powers with ease and there is an overarching story line to keep everyone on Edge. Long Live Patriot!

    Star Wars
    Designer: Greg Costikyan
    Publisher: West End Games

star wars.jpg

    A long time ago...released in 1987 Star Wars: the role playing game took players to the fight against an evil empire. This game established much of the ground work that would later become the expanded universe. So much so that when Zahn was hired to write his Thrawn trilogy, he was sent a box of West End product. This game the D6 system created for the Ghostbuster Rpg and nothing is more fun than rolling twenty dice to swing a lightsaber. Three editions and over 140 source and adventure books were released for this game. Ensuring that you will have plenty of adventures in a galaxy far away.    


    7th Sea
   Designers: Jennifer Wick
                      John Wick
                      Kevin Wilson
     Publisher:  Alderac Entertainment Group

    Swashbuckling and sorcery themes sail high in this game. This game also runs on the L5R “Roll and keep” system with a few changes. Unlike most game where a combat encounter is planned out to the T. This game encourages players to be more cinematic with there actions. If your looking for a fun easy and free spirited game  look no further than 7th sea.  Much like with L5R a deep and rich world awaits for you to plunder, just make sure that X truly marks the spot. 

    Designers: Greg Costikyan
               Dan Gelber
               Eric Goldberg
               Allen Varney 

    Publisher: West End games
              Mongoose Publishing


    Whats better than having one character die? How about having six characters die. In Paranoia death is not an option you will die. That is exactly why the computer sees fit to give you six clones in order to achieve your missions. Set in a dystopian future city controlled by an artififcial intelligence known as the computer controls everything including the rules to the game. Players are initially enforcers of The Computer's authority (known as 'Troubleshooters', mainly for the fact that they shoot trouble), and will be given missions to seek out and eliminate threats to The Computer's control. The players are also part of prohibited underground movements (which means that the players' characters are usually among the aforementioned 'security threats'), and will have secret objectives including theft from and murder of other players. This game is the king of the beer and pretzel role playing game and should be played by everyone.

    Call Of Cthulhu
    Designer: Sandy Petersen
    Publisher: Chaosium
    Seven editions of this classic Gumshoe game. Mythos, Cults and the Old Ones make this horror game a must play for any true Role Players.  The Game runs the Basic Role-Playing system It is skill-based, with player characters getting better with their skills by succeeding at using them for as long as they stay functionally healthy and sane. They do not, however, gain hit points and do not become significantly harder to kill. This is the game that truly teaches you to Hear, See, or Speak no evil. The question is not if you will survive this game but can you keep your sanity. Don't say we didn't warn you. 

call of cthulu.jpg

    Vampire: The Masquerade
    Designer: Mark Rein-Hagen
                    Graeme Davis
                   Tom Dowd
                   Lisa Stevens
                   Stewart Wieck
    Publisher: White Wolf Publishing


    This game was the first in the World of Darkness line and made more Goth kids happier than a new issue of Sandman. Set in the fictionalized gothic punk version of of the modern world or at least the 90's. Players are vampires trying to hold on to their humanity while wading into the pool of ancient politics.  Vampire uses the Storyteller System rules set, a rule system used in all of World of Darkness games. Dice pools of ten sided dice and a target number was the measure of success or failure. This system might be one of the most balanced, easy to learn systems ever produce. If you looking for game that is more on character development and role playing it's hard to find a better game than this. Just try and remember the Masquerade is watching. 

        Dungeons and Dragons
        Designer: Gary Gygax
                         Dave Arneson
         Publisher: Wizards of the Coast

      So yeah we all saw this one coming. The Grandfather of the hobby first published in 1974 and bringing with it a new way to game. This game has many fantasy setting for you to stomp around and eight different editions for you to kill goblins with. High fantasy, horror, and even sci-fi have all had a turn under this monster of a game. For those who have always wanted to be a table top warrior this is the game to start with a classic battle of good against evil. The only thing that holds this game back is a lack of imagination from the players or DM seriously play this game. We recommend 5th edition to start with but you can't go wrong here. 


    So that's it Ten RPG'S you need to play before you die. Did I miss your favorite? Let me know if you have a different game I should have put on this list. This is not a list of the best games that would be way to hard. 


         'Till Next time...Stay Geeky!