Top 10 Board Games you need to play before you die.

                 By Rodger Moss

    Last week we went over ten Role playing games you need to play before you die this week we turn to another side of gaming Board Games! As with last week this is not a top ten list but more of a guide to great games that cover the wide spectrum of the board gaming hobby. If I missed a game you love please comment it's possible I have never played it. 

    Publisher Fantasy Flight
    Players 2-5
    Playing time 2-4 hrs


    Who has time for all that pesky role playing when there is treasure to be looted? Descent: Journeys in the dark brings all the fun of RPG's to the table without that boring role-playing. In this game it's all about the dungeon crawl. Players take the role of mighty heroes who set out on adventure to gain honor,glory, and yes gold. One player takes control of the many monsters while the others stand and fight against the darkness. With numerous adventurers, expansion sets, and a leveling system ensures you won't get tired of this classic Fantasy Flight Game for a little while. 

    Formula D
    Publisher Asmodee
    Players 2-10
    Playing time 1-2 hrs 

Formula d.jpg

    Ladies and Gentlemen start you engines! In this amazing racing game  players drive in famous tracks from across the globe. Speed is the name of the game but watch out for the hairpin turns and hope those clouds hold the rain until you cross the checkered flag.  A gear dice system and resource management this is game shows the fun and danger that come from the need for speed. Track packs highlight some of the best tracks from around the world each offering different driving challenges.  Grab a few friends and start you own cup series with this amazing game. 

    Castle Panic
     Publisher Fireside Games
    Players 1-6
    Playing time 1hr

castle panic.jpg

    The first cooperative game on this list Panic is a tower defense game where the players protect the castle from monsters. Panic starts off slow but two turns in the feeling of dread hits hard as the monsters start to flood from the forest. Team work is the only way to defeat this threat as you will trade cards and plan moved out hoping that you plans are enough.  Three expansions add more monsters and challenges to the base game and if monsters and castles aren't your thing try the other two Panic games.  Dead Panic where players defend a cabin against a hoard of zombies, and Star Trek Panic where players are faced with Klingon's and Romulans while trying to accomplish missions for the Federation. 

    Publisher Rio Grande Games
    Players 2-4
    Playing time 1hr 


     Fight for Honor in this resource management strategy game. Players take turns placing tokens around cities and villages.  A little more planning goes into this game as player tokens are hidden behind a screen, with no way to know what your opponent can play. Quick and easy to learn this is a great entry into more classic strategy games. While this game is getting hard to find its worth the pick up. 



    Publisher  Guillotine Games
    Players 1-6
    Playing time 30min-3hrs
    80's action heroes check.  A ton of plastic you bet. Zombies more than you can shake a stick at. This cooperative zombie survival game takes less of a horror approach and more of a Dawn of the Dead look at Zombie outbreaks. Players must accomplish missions to win  just watch out for that danger meter the higher it gets the more undead come looking for brains. Several sequels and expansions for this game along with a mid-evil fantasy version ensure you can bash the dead for a long while. 

    Axis and Allies
    Publisher Hasbro
    Players 2-5
    Playing time 2-10 hrs


    While not the most accurate representation of WW II this game will give you a taste of what it was like to be a General in this war. Balancing each power to give both sides a chance to win A&A shows how history might have turned out, Each player takes control of a country and must manage troops, territory, and economics to win. This classic game has been around since 1981 and with 11 different games you can fight almost any historical battle. This is a step up from Risk and a great way to get into WW II board gaming. 


    Publisher  Z-Man Games
    Players 1-4 (5 with On the brink expansion 1-6 with In The Lab)
    Playing time 45min-2hrs
    Four diseases have broken out across the globe its up to you and your team to stop the spread of each of them. Team work and taking risk is the only way to save humanity.  This easy to pick up but hard to win game is one of the most successful cooperative games ever made. Pandemic: Legacy a spin off version of the main game     
added an ongoing story line to the game. The game board and rules change permanently after each game representing one month in the campaign. There are two seasons for Legacy the second one taking place 71 years after the first game. 

    Star Trek Ascendancy
    Publisher Gale Force Nine
    Players 2-3 best with 3
    Playing time 90min-3hrs 

star trek.jpg

    One of the more complex games on this list STA puts you in charge of one of three empires. Explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate as you rise to be the single power in the Alpha quadrant. What makes this game so much fun is no two games will play the same as you make different treks into space and discover the other empires as you play. With more than one way to win this game and more factions coming STA is a great game if your looking for a little more depth in a game. Personally this is one of my favorite games on the market right now, even if you took away the Star Trek skin this game would be amazing. 

    Ticket To Ride
    Publisher Days of Wonder
    Players 2-5
    Playing time 1-2hrs 

ticket to ride.jpg

    A quick and easy to learn train building game. Players play cards and build train routs across North America. One of the best “gateway” games Players can learn this game in about 15 minuets. Don't let the simplicity of this game fool you Ticket to Ride has enough action and tension to keep even the most grizzled board gamer engaged from start to finish. Will greed take over you or can you win that route away form you competitor.  With seven different board expansions you can build your rail empire across the world. 


    The Settlers of Catan
    Publisher Catan Studio
    Players 3-4 (standard 2,5,or 6 with expansions)
    Playing time 1-4 hrs

    Some Call it Catan others Settlers this power house hit the shelves in 1995 and has sold 22 million copies by 2015. Another simple game to learn but extremely hard to master game this is the best game to get into the hobby. Players build settlements, cities, and roads to connect them as they settle the island of Catan. Be careful not to make other settlements angry at you as you will need them to trade valuable resources. The goal of the game is to reach ten victory points before any other player but watch out for the robber he might grab that one rock you've been holding. One joke has defined this game for the past 23 years and yes I do have Sheep for your Wood.    

    Well there it is ten board games that you need to play. Did I miss any? Please let me know and as always Stay Geeky