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The Deadpool 2 trailer has dropped and given our first good look at the Merc with a Mouths second outing. The footage also gives us our first look at Cable, played by Josh Brolin, who looks fantastic as the time traveling mutant from the future. Right away, Deadpool cannot help but comment on the Disney / Fox merger as he recreates a scene of Andy playing with Woody early on in the first Toy Story film. It is made even more obvious by the fact that Wade has his name written on the feet of the Deadpool and Cable action figures. This illustrates what has always been great about Deadpool, he doesn’t pull punches with the big stories from the pop culture world. This scene is made even more interesting because of the fact that someday we may see the Merc with the Mouth rub elbows with the MCU characters.

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The big highlight of this trailer is obviously Cable. Every box on the Cable list is checked off. He has the big guns, the tactile telekinesis, the glowing eye and the techno-organic virus, which is turning his skin metal. It definitely seems that Twentieth Century Fox has taken great care in getting Cable right. The trailer offer up plenty of footage of the grumpy hero kicking ass and taking names. This movie is presumably drawing heavily on the Cable / Deadpool series from Marvel Comics that ran for many years. If even a small part of their dynamic in those books ends up on screen, fans are in for a real treat. The dichotomy between the two characters makes for great comedy with Wade always trying to bring levity to moments when Cable is seriously trying to save the future.

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Finally, we get to some characters who will be returning from the first film. Vanessa, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Weasel and even cab driver Dopinder are reuniting with Wade for his second outing. As important as those characters will likely be to the story, it is yet to be seen how newcomers Cable and Domino will fit in. Even more intriguing than those two, however, seems to be the first attempt by the Deadpool film franchise to create a spin-off as we are introduced to X-Force. It has been announced that this is where Fox intended to take the franchise. However, with the recent purchase of Fox by Disney, it is yet to be seen if they share these plans. It would be a shame if the new direction ultimately led nowhere. While some of the X-Force characters are still unknown, we can see Shatterstar quite clearly. This confirms the team will make its debut in the film. We definitely have something amazing to look forward to this May.

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