The X-Men & Fantastic Four In The MCU

By Jason O’Toole

Disney, in an unprecedented move, has purchased 20th Century Fox. Among the many things that this means for the Fox brand, the big question on most of our minds is how Disney will bring the X-Men and the Fantastic Four into the MCU. A sale of this magnitude will take a year to finalize. This year Fox will bring us what will most likely be the final films of their Marvel Universe. Deadpool 2, New Mutants, X-Men Dark Phoenix and maybe Gambit will be coming to theaters this year. Once that is all said and done how will Disney integrate these characters into the larger cinematic universe they have been building since 2008?

The reality of things is that most of the principal actors we have come to know over the last 10 years are about to be a thing of the past. The contracts that have kept the actors in their respective roles expire after Avengers Infinity War and its untitled sequel. While Robert Downey Jr. has stuck around past his contract we might be dealing with a clean slate after the next 2 Avengers films. This provides Disney with a perfect opportunity to introduce us to a whole new crop of characters that they now have the rights to.

The question on most peoples’ minds is will they recast the characters or bring in some of the people who have resonated so well with fans. The Fantastic Four films have been quite disappointing so recasting seems like the obvious choice for those characters. However, actors like Ryan Reynolds, James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender have brought something amazing to their roles. It seems likely that Disney will start from scratch but the question remains, should they? While the X-Men films seem to have reached a natural conclusion, Deadpool, New Mutants and X-Force have barely begun.

The post Infinity War landscape seems like a perfect opportunity to introduce us to the likes of Dr. Doom, Galactus or even Kang the Conquerer. The question remains, how do you top Thanos? The most obvious choice from a comic readers perspective is Avengers Vs X-Men. This story would allow for a great build up that could play out over many films ultimately leading to a confrontation that could shake the very foundations of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Whichever choice Disney and Kevin Feige make it is surely a very exciting time to be a Marvel fan.

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